Water Treatment Chemicals

The following is a list of our most frequently used products.  We offer many more products to fit all of your needs.

Open Cooling Water:

ACS-CWO-100:  A unique blend of molybdate, organic scale and corrosion control inhibitors and polymeric dispersants.  Designed to provide excellent scale control under extreme conditions as well as corrosion protection.  Contains an organic sequestrant, which will prevent the formation of scale on heat transfer surfaces.  Contains molybdate, which we use to test the chemical residual.  Also contains a polymeric dispersant for the prevention of fouling and the dispersion of suspended solids.  Corrosion of both ferrous and copper alloys is controlled by the combination of molybdate and organic corrosion inhibitors.  ( SDS / Product Info)

ACS-CWO-119:  An all organic treatment combining a powerful bio-dispersant with scale and corrosion inhibitors.  Designed to replace heavy metal corrosion inhibitor formulations where environmental restrictions prevent their use.  Contains no inorganic phosphate.  Contains a trace amount of molybdenum which we use to test the chemical residual.  (SDS / Product Info)

ACS-CWO-494:  A multipurpose chemical with several key uses.  It will control and remove organic deposits, it will act as an organic penetrant, and cleaner in circulating water systems.  Its primary use is as a powerful organic dispersant for use in industrial cooling water systems.  Used with a biocide, it delivers a superior biofilm control program.  It is also an effective corrosion inhibitor.  ( SDS / Product Info )

Alkalinity Control:

ACS-CWP-140:  A proportioned blend of corrosion inhibitors and pH control acid.  It is designed to provide maximum corrosion protection for all metals in cooling tower systems and prevent mineral scale on heat transfer surfaces.  It combines a unique organic stabilized zinc corrosion inhibitor, polymeric dispersant and sulfuric acid to provide a complete treatment.  (SDS / Product Info)

Cleaners / Other Applications:

ACS-CLN-090:   An alkaline cleaner formulated with soaps, synthetic detergents, and dispersants.  It is highly effective on new boilers and newly installed boiler tubes, as well as chilled and hot water systems.  It is specifically formulated to remove mill scale, dirt, oil, grease, and other organic contaminants.  It can be safely used in boilers, heat exchangers, internal combustion engines, and closed water systems. (SDS / Product Info)

ACS-CLN-117:  A Process Antifoam that is a blend of a silicone polymer and surface active agents.  This product is an antifoam-defoamer capable of preventing a foam condition or knocking down an existing foam.  It can be applied over a broad pH range.  It can be used in a broad range of industrial applications. (SDS / Product Info)

ACS-CLN-118:   A concentrated liquid boiler water alkalinity builder and dealkalizer regenerant supplement.  It provides a positive supplemental source of boiler water alkalinity.  It may also be used as a regenerant additive to improve dealkalization efficiency.  Is USDA authorized for use in treating boiler feedwater where the steam produced will contact edible products. (SDS / Product Info)

ACS-CLN-120:  A concentrated blend of hydrochloric acid and inhibitors for cleaning mineral and iron deposits from cooling tower systems and boilers.  This product will effectively dissolve and remove carbonate and phosphate scale as well as red iron oxide deposit. It contains corrosion inhibitors which will protect clean metal surfaces from acid attack during the cleaning process. (SDS / Product Info)

RYDLYME:  Specifically designed to dissolve the toughest water scale, lime, mud, and rust deposits from virtually any piece of water based equipment. This powerful, yet totally safe, liquid is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-corrosive and biodegradable.  RYDLYME will not harm your personnel, equipment or our environment!  (SDS / Product Info)

Closed Loop Inhibitors:

ACS-CLL-112:  Concentrated aqueous blend of organic corrosion inhibitors selected to provide maximum protection for ferrous and nonferrous metals.  (SDS / Product Info)

ACS-CLP-112:  Granular borate and nitrite based corrosion inhibitor blended with synergistic inorganics selected to provide maximum protection of ferrous and nonferrous metals.                    

 (SDS / Product Info)

ACS-CLL-114:  Concentrated aqueous blend of inorganic and organic corrosion inhibitors selected to provide maximum protection for ferrous and nonferrous metals.  (SDS / Product Info)

ACS-CLL-166:  Unique concentrated aqueous blend containing sodium nitrite, sodium molydate, and organic corrosion inhibitors.  It utilizes a synergistic combination of corrosion inhibitors to provide effective corrosion control in multi-metal systems.  (SDS / Product Info)


Aqucar(TM) GA 50:  For use in controlling slime forming bacteria, sulfate-reducing bacteria and algae in recirculating water cooling tower systems. It has EPA registration.  It is a concentrated aqueous blend of glutaraldehyde for effective control of microorganisms.  (SDS / Product Info)

Bellacide 325:  An excellent, non-foaming, non-ionic algaecide for use in recirculating cooling water systems and in decorative and ornamental fountains.  It is an emulsion of terbutylazine and has EPA approval.  (SDS / Product Info)

Dantoin BCDMH RW: A broad spectrum biocide consisting of 1-bromo-3-chloro-5,5-dimethylhydantoin which is an oxidizing biocide.  It is EPA registered for use in controlling bacterial, fungal and algal slimes in commercial and industrial cooling towers; heat exchange water systems; evaporative condensers; influent systems such as flow through filters, cooling ponds, canals and lagoons; industrial water scrubbing systems; brewery pasteurizers; sewage systems (septic tanks, leach fields, tank lines, sewers, lagoons, and sewage effluent water); photo-processing wash water; food and non-food contact paper and paper process wash water; industrial air washing systems equipped with a mist eliminator; cannery cooling water, package warmers, pasteurizer water and retort water; once-through industrial cooling water systems; water features; commercial air conditioner and dehumidifier basins or drip pans and wastewater treatment systems.  It is relatively safe to handle and store and is effective at low dosages. (SDS / Product Info)

7911:  A liquid, stabilized, bromine and chlorine based oxidizing biocide.  It has EPA registration for controlling bacteria, yeast, and algae growth in recirculating cooling water systems, air washers, once-through industrial cooling systems, paper and paperboard process systems, and sewage systems.  It is an oxidizing biocide which is effective over a wide pH range, up to 9.0 and as low as 6.0.  (SDS / Product Info)

7423:  A broad spectrum, water soluble antimicrobial for the control of bacteria, algae, and fungi in industrial recirculating waster cooling towers and air washer systems.  It is EPA registered.  It is particularly effective in eliminating established colonies of bio-mass and preventing their development on clean surfaces.  (SDS / Product Info)

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